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Социальные программы

Motor equipment maintenance supervisor

 Maintains and tracks accountability of vehicles, supplies and parts inventory. Purchases or requisitions parts and supplies. Oversees the procurement, maintenance and inventory of this equipment. Reviews and maintains gas reports. Inspects new vehicles upon delivery. Tracks damage incurred due to vehicle accidents and coordinates vehicle repair, salvage or surplus. 5 years of full-time experience required. Must possess a valid New York State Driver’s License with a non-Commercial Driver’s Licenses (Class C) tow truck endorsement; New York State Motor Vehicle Inspection Certification; and New York State Air Condition Recycling and Recovery Certification. $42542 to $51453 per year. (518)...
Социальные программы

Dental services review assistant

 Assisting in the monitoring of dental providers through their procedure billings; assessing whether care and services rendered were medically necessary based on chart documentation; obtain answers to questions and additional data; maintaining a list of providers for audit consideration; responding to provider and client complaints; helping in making preparations prior to the beginning of the audit process; preparing correspondence, work papers and written reports. Current registration as a licensed Dental Hygienist in New York State and either 2 years of experience in dental hygiene practice or graduation from a school of dentistry and 1 year of dental services experience required. 3 to 5 years experience in performing...
Социальные программы


Picking up and removal of hazardous materials, using mops, brushes, detergents and other cleaning equipments, washing stairwells, floors, walls and windows, inside and outside the building, using mechanical equipment for vacuuming, shampooing, buffing and waxing floors, washing light fixtures and replacing light bulbs, requesting and dispensing cleaning supplies and some gardening required. Must be state employee with 2 years experience in the housekeeping field. Should posses a valid license to operate a Motor Vehicle in New York State. $25763 to $31825 per year. Fax (718)...
Социальные программы

Keyboard specialist

Assisting in managing web-leads (sending emails, enter prospect information, calling prospects, and send follow-up information); entering information session and recruitment form data; entering prospect data about attendance at information/orientation sessions; assisting with managing the stage based communications plan; screening calls; maintaining. $28733 to $35320 per year....
Социальные программы

Государственные работы #34(749)

Эту информацию мы еженедельно получаем из Департамента труда Maintenance helper. Perform the heavier, less difficult and more repetitive activities and tasks involving the use of elementary skills in one or a combination of the mechanical, building, motor equipment and electrical trades. Such tasks involve the use of the tools and equipment of a trade under very specific instructions. May operate motor vehicles and power-driven equipment. $24414 to $30196 per year. joe.mraz@ny.ngb.army.mil Administrative aide. Coordination of information and preparation of comprehensive reports; tracking fiscal, personnel, grant procurement; scheduling meetings and conferences. Must...
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