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11 Worst NASA Accidents

NASA doesn't always get it right from the original images of the moon landing being erased to the horrible Vangaurd explosion fail. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 5. Explorer S1 On July 16, 1959 at the peak of the Space Race, the Americans were struggling to keep up with the Russians as you’ll be able to tell from this video clip. Launched from Cape Canaveral, this was meant to be the response to the Soviets sputnik but it the cargo would never reach orbit. This spacecraft carrying a satellite lost control right away, with in 5 seconds of the launch during the blast off and performed mid air flips. What was supposed to make it all the way to outer space, only went, 250 feet less than the height of a football field. Everyone was extremely lucky to have not been injured from this event. A short from the rocket's guidance system caused it to not fly in its intended direction. A few blunders by Nasa would eventually allow them to perfect their rocket systems. After the failure of the Juno, the Saturn rocket was developed to support the apollo missions which lead us to the moon. 4. The Genesis When looking for answers about the universe, scientists and amateur astronomists tend to look at the stars. So why not do more studies on the closest one; the sun? In August of 2001 the Genesis was supposed to help answer a few deep questions about the formation of the universe, but ended up in a pile of debris in the Utah desert like you see in this photo. So what happened here? The main reason for the Genesis Spacecraft was to collect particles of solar wind and then bring them back to Earth for extensive research. A few things they wanted to look into was the exact ratio of oxygen, nitrogen, and noble gases during various phases of the solar activity. Even though the sun is mostly made of hydrogen, Nasa wanted to know more precisely what elements make up its composition. This would further lead to the origins of the sun and the planets. So how did this important spacecraft crash? The parachutes did not properly deploy in September 2004 but they were able to uncover some tiny particles from the solar winds. Several pages have already been published. 3. Moon Landings Erased So possibly one of the most important moments in human history accidently gets erased by Nasa. Oops. The original recording of the Moon landing of July 16, 1969 which was the first manned mission on the moon no longer exists. Don’t worry though, new digitally enhanced copies of the original broadcast look much better, claims Nasa officials. The first images of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon were very grainy and blurry anyways. In 2006, Nasa admitted that no one could find the original video. They then went on to admit that the high resolution images of the first moon walk was probably erased for electronic data from a satellite. Who needs old videos of the original moon landing anyways when they got new important satellite images to look into anyways? It would basically be like taping over your wedding day videos to make room for a rerun of “friends” 2. Vanguard Explosion In 1957, the US Navy tried a rocket launch of their own in order to get a satellite into space and this attempt also failed miserably. This happened only a year before the development of NASA and was probably the main reason the organization was developed. The rocket couldn’t produce enough thrust in order to launch causing catastrophe. This was only a few months after the Sputnik struck fear into the United States and another failed attempt to match Soviet space technology. Within a few seconds, the tanks ruptured and exploded, completing destroying of the USA's hopes they would get their first satellite in space. 1.Challenger Explosion Being one of the more modern Nasa accidents, this one was much more severe than the rest. The mission had originally been postponed due to mechanical and weather issues but January 28th 1986 was the day, when the space shuttle named challenger finally launched at Cape Canaveral. 7 crew members were on board including a teacher from New Hampshire. The lift off began smoothly and no one could have predicted what happened next. A critical failure in the o-ring seals on the solid rocket booster allowed a spurt of rocket fuel to ignite the fuel tank. Then suddenly a huge fireball is seen in the sky after 73 seconds of flight.There were no survivors from the crash and the incident happened live on TV. Despite the horrible tragedy that took place, many lessons were learned from this incident that will help American advance their spacecraft technology.

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